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PCEamonMuseumTitlePic The PC Eamon Museum is a cross-platform software bundle which contains a compilation of the various known attempts at converting the Classic Eamon gaming system from the Apple II series of computers to the PC family. All of the conversion “exhibits” in the museum were originally written for the MS-DOS operating system and generally will not work on modern computers and operating system.

This Museum was constructed to preserve these relics of Eamon history in one place as well as allow Eamon fans convenient access to explore and even adventure in them from modern computer systems.

Included Exhibits:

Screen1 Eamon PC Conversion  
by Jon Walker (1985)

Screen2 Eamon PC Conversion   
by Paul Gilbert (1995)

Screen3 Eamon PC Conversion   
by John Nelson (2000)

Screen4 Eamon Deluxe 2.6
(Archive from 1999)

Screen5 Eamon Deluxe 4.5
(Archive from 2007)

Download The PC Eamon Museum:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7:  Extract and run the Windows installer program.
Mac OS X:  Extract Museum into Applications folder, then run the PC Eamon Museum app.
Linux:  Extract the main folder and view the README file found within.
(The Linux distro requires a DOS emulator. The author recommends DOSBox.)
Current release version: 2.0. For further help or support contact: eamondeluxe (at) gmail.com.
This page was last updated on May 16th, 2014.