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Eamon Deluxe is an enhanced and expanded variation of the classic Eamon gaming system. With the release of version 5.0, Eamon Deluxe features cross-platform portability and an alternate accessibility mode for disabled or vision impaired users. The Eamon Deluxe adventure library includes a growing selection of original adventures as well as ongoing conversions of all known Eamon adventures.

"This is an amazing conversion of the basic Apple II Eamon system. Frank has put a lot of time and hard work into Eamon Deluxe and has created an excellent product which does a very good job of retaining the flavor of the original Apple II Eamon while adding many very nice enhancements. If you have ever wanted to show off Eamon to someone, but couldn't convince them to play on an Apple emulator, Eamon Deluxe provides a great way for them to play."
- Tom Zuchowski, Editor, Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter

 Download Eamon Deluxe 5.0
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Download, extract and run the Windows installer program.
Mac OS X Download and extract the folder, then run the Eamon Deluxe 5.0 app.
Linux Download and extract the source files. Run the DOSBox emulator and mount the folder EDX\C as the C: drive then run "EAMONDX.BAT".

 Download Stand Alone Adventures (Windows only)
Eamon Deluxe 5.0 Demo Adventure STAND ALONE
Updated: 04/04/2012     Average rating: 8.0
New to Eamon Deluxe? This mini adventure shows off the features and flavor of the gaming system. One click play is available in both Standard and VI Mode (Windows only).
Eamon Deluxe #20: Journey Across the Muerte Sea STAND ALONE The first adventure written specifically for the Eamon Deluxe system. A review was published in the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter
Eamon Deluxe #21: Realm of Fantasy STAND ALONE
Updated: 04/04/2012     Average rating: 5.5
A colorful and light hearted hack'n'slash adventure with many encounters and situations based upon classic fantasy  novels. review was posted on the Guild blog.
Eamon Deluxe #22: A Runcible Cargo STAND ALONE
Updated: 05/06/2012     Average rating: 9.5
A masterpiece of interactive fiction from a powerful new author. A lengthy review was posted on the Guild blog.


Frank has incorporated a large amount of his own documentation into Donald Brown's classic Eamon manuals, much of it different from the original and/or specific to the Eamon Deluxe system. They are an excellent read.

Eamon Deluxe Player's Manual
Eamon Deluxe Designer's Manual
Eamon Deluxe Adventure List
The Eamon Deluxe Newsletter

Tips on running Eamon Deluxe:
  • In standard mode, use the arrow keys to highlight a menu selection then press Enter to select that option or Escape to cancel. In VI Mode, enter the number of your choice or "0" to cancel.
  • Alt-Enter (or Option+Enter for OS X users) switches between full screen and windowed mode.
  • When using the adventure editing tools to enter data, pressing Escape keeps all text on the screen and Enter keeps only what is before the cursor.
  • To Quick Save a game while adventuring, type SAVE and the number (1-5) of the saved game slot to use. You may also include a description of the save point. For example, "SAVE 1 At the cave entrance" would save your game in slot 1 and name it "At the cave entrance". You can also use game numbers with the RESTORE command. (e.g. "RESTORE 1" will load game 1.)
  • You may quit or continue an adventure at any time. To return to a previous adventure, select the option "Continue a Saved Game" from the Main Menu (whether you actually saved a game or not).
  • The "QUIT" command in the adventure menus will not return your character to the Main Hall. Once they embark upon an adventure, they stay there until they find an exit, perish, or you choose to return them home. Typing the command "QUIT HALL" will return them to the Main Hall, but you will not be able to keep any items or ability upgrades you have acquired in the adventure.
  • Alternately, the Adventure Design Menu has an option to test adventures using special, pre-made characters. This option can also be used to explore a title without having to bring (and leave) a character there.
For further help or support, you can email Frank at: eamondeluxe (at) gmail.com.

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