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Did you notice the new envelope labels? The EAG return address had been getting rattier and rattier for the past few issues. Our youngest cat thinks that the EAG rubber stamp is a great chew toy. It finally got so bad that it was no longer readable, and I set up the labels on the PC.

This issue will carry the final offer of the EAG Eamon disk set. Now that you have your CD, you wonít ever need the disk set again. But if any of you ever do decide that you need a set of floppy disks, you can still get them. I just wonít be printing the offer as a regular feature of the newsletter any more.


This issue marks another change in content. Between the release of the CD and a general reduction in Eamon activity, many of the newsletter features have become obsolete. From this point forward I will no longer insist on a full ten pages. Content will run for however many pages it takes to print news, correspondents, a walk-through or two, and a list. Additional items such as letters will of course appear from time to time. In the future I will aim for 8 pages, anyway. This issue would have had a second walk-through, but I had the flu and got behind.


By now you should have gotten your CD-R. I am afraid that I made one omission that would have made life easier for you. The Eamon Master disks are not bootable. You must first boot off of a disk that has DOS or ProDOS on it, such as the DOS 3.3 or ProDOS master disks before you can use any of the Eamon disks. The Dos 3.3 and ProDOS 4.0.2 masters can be found in the non-Eamon folder.


For that matter, virtually none of the Eamon disks are bootable. These files are the same ones that I uploaded to Genie, and DOS 3.3 or ProDOS were deleted from them to make them smaller in those days of 2400-baud modems.


Stop the Presses!

It appears that I screwed up the CD. It does not have a complete set of Eamons on it. I apologize for this, and you will be receiving a new copy in a few months after I have fixed this and a few other errors that have come to light. Iíll also add new EAG newsletters, of course.




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Eamon Walk-Through


††††† 19 Death Trap†††††††† Mar98

††††† 62 The Caverns of Doom††††† Mar97

††††† 74 DharmaQuest†††† Mar00

††††† 77 Temple of the Trolls††††††† Mar99

††††† 107 The Last DragonDec99

††††† 114 Thror's Ring††††††† Dec96

††††† 116 The Iron Prison†† Dec99

††††† 120 Orb of my Life†††† Sep98

††††† 126 Pyramid of AnharosJun98

††††† 127 The Hunt for the Ring††††† Dec98

††††† 129 Return to Moria†† Jun99

††††† 132 Rhadshur Warrior Jun96

††††† 145 Buccaneer!†††††††† Dec97

††††† 147 The Dark Brotherhood††††† Sep96

††††† 150 Walled City of Darkness†† Mar96

††††† 161 Operation Endgame Jun97

††††† 194 Attack of the Kretons†††††† Jun00

††††† 220 Catacombs of Terror Sep00

††††† 239 Idol of the Incas Sep 99

††††† SD137 Redemption††† Jun00



I want to make a note about Sam Ruby's best Eamons. You are not seeing Walk-Throughs in this section for Sam's best works, because these Eamons typically include very complete hints and solutions programs on the disk. For example, "Storm Breaker" has a SOLUTIONS program, and "Animal Farm" has BASIC TRAINING. Both of these programs offer fairly complete walk-throughs of their own.


Always check your Eamons for bonus programs on the disk! Several of the better authors have been known to do this on occasion.



A Walk-through of Eamon #220


"Catacombs of Terror"


First, the hints for those of you who want to solve this on your own. Thereís really only one: read everything very carefully. You will face about a half-dozen puzzles, and they are for the most part very obscure. But if you pay attention, you will see strong hints and even outright solutions as you work your way through the catacombs.If you catch all of the clues, this is actually a fairly easy foray.


A second, lesser hint is that you must be ready to give up your best treasures or companions at certain points.


One of the potential companions is far more valuable than the others. It was obvious to me which one to choose.


Note the new commands: HIRE, DISMISS, JUMP, SACRIFICE, and throw. POWER is gone.



Letís get started!


If you played this straight, without this walk-through, you would probably miss several key actions and would have to backtrack to do them after you found the proper clue. Here we will do them as we come to them. This could happen, if we were lucky enough to think of all the right things to do as we went.


You start out in a large field. What are those bumps? Examine them and find some diamonds. Get them.


Head W into the shack. Open the cabinet and find a sterling silver cup. Get it, and return E.


Go N twice and find a river of blood! Get some blood. Return S.


Go E to the cave entrance and kill the rock eater. Get the torch. (Remember that this is a version 7 Eamon, and that your spell ability will regenerate, so you might want to top your health off after each battle.)


Go E and kill the Icy Black Hand of Death. Grab the sword if you want it. (From here on I will only mention getting items that you must have. Feel free to grab anything. None of the magical swords are really awesome weapons; most come in around 2D4 to 3D5.)


Go S. Oops, itís dark Ė light the torch.


Go E twice and get the sacrificial knife.


Go N twice and kill the orcs.


Continue N to a large chamber, and find a scroll. Read the scroll and learn of a magic word: ZOOMBA. This word teleports you back to this room. (We wonít be needing this word, but it would be very useful indeed if we needed to temporarily depart from one or more tests to search for the solution.)


You can rouse the statue by freeing him, but be forewarned that he wonít be friendly and is a very strong opponent.


Go W. You will find combat in the rooms to the north and south if you want it. The combat to the south is quite challenging.


Continue W and kill the rats. Youíll find more combat in the rooms to the north and south, if you want it.A 10-swallow healing potion is in the south room.


Go W, then N, and meet the Overlord and the outlaw. You can only hire one companion at a time, and neither of these two impresses me very much. Letís look around some more. Return S.


Go S and meet Gar and Ryu. A pair of fast talkers, but not much else to recommend them. Letís look a bit more. Return N.


Go W and meet the Sage and Ralkor. If the Sage is talking straight, he would be a great asset. Hire the Sage. Heed his advice!


Return E four times to the large chamber.


Continue E. Go into the north room and get the skull. Return S. Examine the south room if you wish.


Continue E. Examine the north room if you wish.


Go S. Hey; there is something on these walls. Letís see if we can get something here Ė try examining the writing. Aha! Read the writing. Two passages:




(What a lucky break that we already happen to have a silver cup filled with blood!)


Return S, then go E and N. The Sage says that there is a trapdoor down. If you go down, youíll find a Gamemaster who will let you gamble your money, health, or companions. As near I can tell, itís a suckerís game, as the odds appear to me to be stacked 2-1 against you.


Return S, then continue S again. Free the headless skeleton (the skull is the key Ė I donít exactly understand it, either.) Find yourself with a new companion.


Return N. Examine the east room if you wish. Then return W three times to the large chamber.


Go N twice. Enter the west room and open the box. Read the Pamphlet of Destruction and learn how to pass the First Test by using the magic word QUALCAST.

Return E. Examine the east room if you wish.


Go N. The Sage says there is a secret door in the west wall! Open the door, and go W into an ancient library.


Read the Teacherís Book and learn of the first four Tests: magic, then skill, then intelligence, then magic again.


Read the Odd Book. I suspect that this passage refers to the skull.


Return E, then continue E into the other room. Get the granite key. Return W.


Go N to the Gateway. Note the Sageís advice!


Open the gate and go N.


Your First Test! Remember the Pamphlet of Destruction? Say QUALCAST. The monster vanishes!


Your Second Test! The book said that this one is a game of skill. The solution is fairly obscure: throw the diamonds.


Your Third Test! This one is subtle, but we have the clues. We know that it is a test of intelligence, and we remember that the Sage advised us that weíd have to use our brain to succeed. Letís try exactly that. (USE BRAIN.)


Your Fourth Test! At first it seems hard, but then we remember that it was listed in the teacherís book as a test of magic. Blast the crystal.


A glass tower! Now the Sage advises you that you must kill him in the tower. And we remember the writing on the wall that said that a sacrifice must be made at the top of a tower. So be it.


Go U twice. Sacrifice the Sage. Alas, indeed.


There is nothing else to do in the areas you have already seen. Thereís only one thing to do: jump out the window.


Go S and meet the Demon. Use the blood to win him over (USE BLOOD.)


Continue S into the treasure room. (Seems that a treas- ure room should have some treasure in it, doesnít it?)


Go W twice. Youíve won!



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