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The EAG CD-R is nearing completion, and will likely go into production around the end of June. The standard release of this CD will not contain Eamons #32 (House of Ill Repute) and #196 (The Cat House) because of their tastelessness. If you havenít seen those two, they are very badly written and nearly devoid of content. "The Cat House" consists of little more than several graphic sexual encounters with prostitutes. "House of Ill Repute" has plenty of that plus several gross-outs as well.


I am willing to make a special run of CDís that includes #32 and #196. If you want a full set that includes those two Eamons, you must send me a note stating that you are 18 or older and that you wish to receive the version of the CD that includes Eamons #32 and #196. A telephone call is not an acceptable substitute. Email is OK.


Please make an effort to get that note to me by the end of June. It will be weeks after that date before you get your CD, but I will begin burning them in late June or early July and will need to know just who wants what. If I havenít heard from you by the time Iím finishing out the production run, you will get the standard version automatically.


Thanks for your help with this.


A test Beta of the CD-R has been sent to three Macintosh owners, and all report that it works OK on their Macs. So if you have a Mac, Iíve got you covered.


Softdisk Publishing has generously granted permission for Sam Rubyís three awesome Softdisk Eamons to be included on this CD! These are stand-alone Eamons that do not require the Main Hall or your regular character. But apart from that, they are normal Eamons (or as normal as Samís best Eamons ever are!) They are amazing plays and not to be missed by anyone who wants to sample the Best of Eamon! If you liked "Sanctuary" and "Storm Breaker," you will be delighted with these!


I need to add that the Softdisk Eamons have not been released into the public domain. The permission I received was specifically for this release of this CD.


The CD will include both emulator-ready DSK files and native Apple II files. The native files will run directly on your Apple II as soon as you get them transferred. Transfer can be accomplished by a serial link, and the CD includes a program for this. If you know anyone with a floppy-drive-equipped Mac, they can transfer them for you with ease, as Macs can read and write ProDOS disks.


The CD will also include John Nelsonís native MS-DOS Eamon conversions for the PC.


And of course there will be a full set of newsletter back issues, maps, and drawings, plus miscellaneous

utility programs, enhanced Eamon Masters, and even a couple of heavily modified Eamon gaming systems that never went anywhere because of their incompatibility with regular Eamon.


The final tally comes to about 1500 files totaling just over 200 MB of data on this CD. I was blown away when I saw the numbers. Thatís a lot of stuff!



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Our mail-order Eamon vendor:


Kula has a full-set update of the entire Eamon collection of all DOS 3.3 and 80-col. ProDOS titles.You can buy with confidence from them.


Eamons are available online at various sites.Two that I can recommend are and




EAG members can obtain the complete Eamon set from the EAG. This contains both the DOS 3.3 and 80-col. ProDOS Eamon collections archived to 3.5 disks.These are ShrinkIt archives.To access the ProDOS titles, you need one 3.5 drive. The DOS 3.3 titles require both 3.5 and 5.25 drives.


The EAG members' price for the entire set is $25.00.To take advantage of this offer:


1) This offer requires that you supply the disks. You must include 19 DD 3.5 floppies with your payment. NOTE that these MUST be DD disks.My drives cannot read nor write to HD disks!


2) You must use a shipping container that I can re-use to return the filled disks to you.


3) The $25.00 price includes formatting the floppies with ProDOS. If you format the disks for me, the price is $20.00. This reflects the time savings I get from not having to do the formatting. It doesn't matter what ProDOS volume name you use since they will be rewritten.


4) If any of the above requirements are not met, the disks will be returned unfilled, and the shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.


5) Both versions of 8-bit ShrinkIt and basic instructions are included with the set.


Purchasers of the set will automatically get free updates at irregular intervals.


Eamon Walk-Through


19 Death Trap††††††††††††††††††† Mar98

62 The Caverns of Doom†††††††††††† Mar97

74 DharmaQuest††††††††††††††† Mar00

77 Temple of the Trolls†††††††††††††† Mar99

107 The Last Dragon††††††††††† Dec99

114 Thror's Ring††††††††††††††††† Dec96

116 The Iron Prison†††††††††††† Dec99

120 Orb of my Life†††††††††††††† Sep98

126 Pyramid of Anharos††††††††††††††† Jun98

127 The Hunt for the Ring††† Dec98

129 Return to Moria†††††††††††† Jun99

132 Rhadshur Warrior††††††††† Jun96

145 Buccaneer!†††††††††††††††††† Dec97

147 The Dark Brotherhood††† Sep96

150 Walled City of Darkness Mar96

161 Operation Endgame†††††††††††††† Jun97

239 Idol of the Incas†††††††††† Sep 99


I want to make a note about Sam Ruby's best Eamons. You are not seeing Walk-Throughs in this section for Sam's best works, because these Eamons typically include very complete hints and solutions programs on the disk. For example, "Storm Breaker" has a SOLUTIONS program, and "Animal Farm" has BASIC TRAINING. Both of these programs offer fairly complete walk-throughs of their own.


Always check your Eamons for bonus programs on the disk! Several of the better authors have been known to do this on occasion.



A Walk-through of Eamon #194

"Attack of the Kretons"


Be sure to read the Authorís Notes in the introduction. They contain several very important tips.


For you who wish to play this without using this walk-through, the intro tips cover most of what you need to know. But I will add a couple of items:


First, at any given point in the play, the TALK command will generally give you a tidbit of information about someplace else. You will do best if you follow up on what you know before branching elsewhere. Cover the city first. After youíve done what you can there, you will have some clues about where to go next. I recommend that you explore the mountains to the north first thing after leaving the city.

Second, this really isnít a terribly difficult Eamon, with perhaps two exceptions. Towards the end you will come to a place that you canít escape from, and you will quickly die there unless you use a specific artifact. This artifact is of the "embedded" type that can only be found by examining the stuff that the room description tells you about. Do not proceed to the final confrontation with the god of cheesedip unless you are carrying the Wand of Water and Frost.


There is also another wand that can make short work of a formidable adversary.


Letís get started!


You start out without a weapon in hand; so ready one of your weapons.


There is one new command: TALK. Weíll be using it a good bit.


Examine the lump in your seat. You find a sack of gold! Get it. What the heck, get the cheesedip, too.


TALK IRON MIKE and learn of the Sage.


TALK MINSTREL and meet Groo, your companion for this outing.


TALK OLD CRONY and learn of lights in the woods.


TALK GROO. Well, what would you expect?


INVENTORY GROO. Hey, he has a secret message. Request it from him and read it. (Itís just a joke.)


Go E into the menís room, find nothing, and return. Go N into the Bazaar.


TALK CHEESY WOMAN and learn that the Sage had a problem with the witches Arba and Dakarba.


Go E to the end of the street. You can safely ignore the rioters. Check out the rum shop to the S, and return N.


Go N into the Princeís court. TALK PRINCE. Nuts, heís passed out. Get the Orb of Evanyur. Huh. If we need it, apparently weíll have to get permission from the Prince. Obviously thatís a waste of time right now, so return S and W to the Bazaar.


Continue W to Skid Row. TALK DRUNK and learn that the Sage was taken by a bat-thing. It sounds like there might be some connection with those witches, huh.


Check out the cheesedip shop to the north, then go W to the city wall.


Go W over the wall. Whoops! FLEE N. The Kretons donít follow. Whew.


Go N twice, then W twice, then U twice, Then W. (Thereís a joke at some craggy features.)


Read the sign. Aha. Looks like weíve found the witchesí lair. Continue W into the cave.


Go N and meet 10 orcs! Wait a minute; they donít seem disposed to fight. TALK ORCS. Yep, looks like weíre safe. Check the rooms to W and E.


Continue N into the captainís room and meet Chichester, another ally. TALK CHICHESTER, and he gives you a bronze key (it appears in your inventory.) Return S twice to the cave.


Continue S and meet a hideous demon thing. TALK DEMON THING. Well, it doesnít seem sociable, so kill it.


Go W. Hmm, weíre blocked by a bronze door. Well, Chichester gave you a bronze key, so OPEN DOOR.


Go W into the Conjuring Room. Free the dog. (Talk to him for another joke.)


Continue W into the torture room, Kill Arba and Dakarba. Get the brass key. Free the bound Sage. Talk to him to get him up to speed on the Kretons.


Continue W. Examine the furniture and discover a brass chestólucky we picked up that brass key, huh. Open the chest and find the Wand of Water and Frost, a bag of kopins and a healing potion. Get it all.


Looks like weíre done here. Return to the fork in the road (E,E,E,N,E,D,D,E,E) and meet Chakaal. Continue E again and meet Manly Max. It turns out that he is a major foe, and he wonít let you past him. Donít try to fight, thereís a better way. FLEE W for now.


Return to the city (S,S,S, then FLEE E) and find yourself at the Sageís place. He says he needs brandy, so go to the bar (E, S) and REQUEST BRANDY from Steel Stan. He wants 75 Kopins for it, so GIVE 75 to him and get the brandy.


Return N then W to the Sageís place. Open the oak door and go N inside. Give the brandy to the Sage, and learn of the god of cheesedip.


Open the catalog and read it. I guess that was personal. Open the leather book, then read it and learn of the Sakainluth, and DHOUD, a password. Get the leather book.


Time to check out these new leads. Return outside the wall, and FLEE S from the Kretons.


Go S into the Forest of Ewing. Go E twice, and kill Taranto and his peasant pillagers. Continue S, then W to the dead end. SAY DHOUD to get the stone slab to move aside.


Go S twice, and kill the death zombies. Continue E to the Altar of Cheesdip and free the bound man. Learn of the Amulet of Ian from his rantings before he dies. Get the map off his body. Read the map and learn of a secret passage in the woods. Return to the fork in the road (W,N,N,E,N,W,W.)


Continue on this path to a dead end (W,S,E), and kill the bear. This is a dead end, and the map said the secret was in the SW corner, so go back W. Examine the oak and find a secret passage W.


Continue W twice and find a hole. Examine the hole and find a box. Open the box, and get the Amulet of Ian. Now return to the intersection in the cheesdip caves (E,E,N,E,E,E,S,W,SAY DHOUD,S,S.)


Proceed W, then N, and kill the high priest. Get the key and La Codex du Cheesdip. Open La Codex and read it to learn how to gain entry to the realm of the cheesdip god.


Go S twice and kill the acolytes. Read the sign. Return N, and open the door. Go W and kill the zombies. Open the jars. Get the kopins, Wand of Castratia and brooms (actually, the brooms are optional.)


Letís go see if the Prince is awake yet. Return to his court (E,E,N,N,E,N,W,W,N,N,FLEE E,E,E,E,N.)


Heís awake now. Request the Orb. He wants this Crystal of Krossos. Well, we figured there would be a price to pay, didnít we?

The Wand of Castratia just might be the ticket to handle an overly many dude. Letís go see Manly Max (S,W,W,W,W,FLEE N,N,N,E.) USE the Wand of Castratia and eliminate him as a threat.


Go E, then N. Go N again and find that the eagles wonít let you pass. SAY THE PASSWORD. Continue N and meet the Wizard of the Unknown. Talk with him and learn that he has the Crystal of Krossos. Request the crystal from him.




Kill the gorilla, then the zombies, then Conan, and receive the crystal for your performance.


Go to the Prince(S,S,W,W,S,S,S,FLEE E.,E,E,E,N) Give the Crystal of Krossos to the Prince. Get the Orb of Evanyur.


Now weíre ready to rock. SAY IMTU KHOUL, and find yourself on the Plain of Stench. Go S, then E. Ignore the stone statue and go E into the castle. Kill the Grim Reaper.


Go Eówhoops, thatís no good! Return W.


Go S, then E, and kill the Melancholy Reaper.


Continue S, then W, and kill the Jovial Reaper. (Thereís a joke in the pun book.)


Continue S. A death trap! Only seconds to actóUSE the Wand of Water and Frost to save yourself.


Go S and kill Joey.


Continue E and meet Sorrimat. Discover Mr. Roessler, and note his plaid pants. Use the Amulet of Ian. (Mr. Roessler was Nateís high school computer teacher, and, rather to his bemusement, regularly appears as the bad guy in Nateís Eamons.)


Get the paper and read it to learn the way home.


Return to the Room of Odd Proportions ( W,N,N,E.)Continue E and enter the teleporter room.. SAY CAWTEENAHMOSH.


Have a fine time in Oigres, and go home!


SD 137: Redemption†† ó†† Complete Solution


by Sam Ruby


(Listed geographically rather than chronologically)


Talk Leather Worker

Talk Horse Trader; offer to help

Ask Clothmaker (for) Cloth

Ask Leather Worker (about) Blog

Ask Brewers (about) Blog

Talk Farm Hands, Buy Lake Map

Give Blog's Horn (to) Horse Trader



Ready Short Sword

Give 1 (to) Ferryman



Market:†††††††† Sell treasures, used goods

Store:††††††††††† Buy Torches, Canoe

Inn:††††††††††††††† Talk Bard

†††††††††††††††††††† Ask Bard (about Blog

Tavern:††††††††† Talk Patrons

†††††††††††††††††††† Buy Forest Map

Docks:††††††††† Talk Pilot

†††††††††††††††††††† Buy River Boat

†††††††††††††††††††† Come here with Caravan

†††††††††††††††††††† Enter Boat



Park:†††††††††††† Say Bard

Palace:††††††††† Ask Guards (for) Audience

†††††††††††††††††††† (answer "Midnight Oilers")

Throne:††††††††† Ask King (about) Blog

Scribe:†††††††††† Ask (for) Instructions

†††††††††††††††††††† Give scrolls

Clerk:††††††††††† Ask (about) Castle Logres



Plaza:††††††††††† Talk Smiths

†††††††††††††††††††† Buy Shovel, etc.

Tavern:††††††††† Talk Workers

†††††††††††††††††††† Buy Hills Map

Construction: Ask Workers (for) Foreman

†††††††††††††††††††† Talk Foreman

Barracks:†††††† Ask Soldiers (for) Sir Blackstone

Keep:††††††††††† Ask Blackstone (about) Blog

†††††††††††††††††††† Give Eggshell (to) Blackstone



Shrine City

Black Temple:Ask Priests (about) Blog

†††††††††††††††††††† Give Talisman (to) Priests

†††††††††††††††††††† Go SW to Hall of Necromancy

†††††††††††††††††††† Ask Demon (about) Blog

White Temple:Ask Monks (for) Healing

†††††††††††††††††††† Ask Monks (for) Cleric

†††††††††††††††††††† Ask Cleric (for) Blessing



Go NW (or another direction) 2 times

Use Forest Map, Enter Great Tree

Free Ensnared Man

Talk Guardian Druid

Ask Guardian Druid (about) Great Eagle

Go Up

Ask Great Eagle (for) Eggshell



Bring Canoe

Go NE 2 times

Use Lake Map, Enter Island Bay

Use Shovel to unblock door

Open Door

Go Down

Open Chest

Examine Tapestry (embedded artifact)

Get Tapestry

Read Words

Use Key

Talk Spectre

Use blessed weapon to kill Spectre



Go SW two times

Use Hills Map, Enter Mine

Use Mining Tools three times, get Gemstones

Go Up

Examine Altar

Put Crystal (on) Pedestal Staff

Use Lever

Get Scrolls



Go SE twice

Use Swamp Map, Enter Swamp Castle

Put Antidote (on) Cloth, Wear Cloth


Talk Blog, Kill Blog with Elven Blade

Get Horn

Return here with Caravan



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