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  • What is Eamon? Eamon is the classic text adventuring series begun in the early 1980's when Don Brown invented the gaming system for the Apple II. Since then, numerous authors have created approximately 250 adventures with settings and scenarios ranging from D&D through science fiction. 
  • Why a museum? In 2003, Matthew Clark established the Eamon Adventurer's Guild website to ensure that Eamon wouldn't be lost forever and it has done that job through many iterations. In April of 2011, after years of little to no activity, Matthew felt that development for the Eamon system was essentially finished, probably forever. Thus, he converted the website to a museum and tribute to the Eamon that was. He also created this page to offer links for navigating the rest of the website.
Eamon Dragon Image
  • What's this Joomla thing? Several years ago, Matthew thought it would be cool to convert the entire webpage to Joomla. He put in a lot of time and effort and completed about 90% of the work before real life intervened and the project stalled out. That work is still intact, but the links have been deactivated and the project indefinitely suspended.
  • You liked the old front page better? Fine. Here it is. It hasn't been updated in several years though.


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