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Softdisk #137 - Redemption by Sam Ruby

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski


MAIN PGM Version: 7 (heavily modified) Extra Commands: ENTER, BUY, SELL, TALK, ASK, RESUME, QUIT Deleted Commands: BLAST, POWER, SPEED, SMILE, REQUEST Special Features: Requires 80-col. display; accepts lower-case input; standalone, does not use Eamon Master. Playing Time: 2-3 hours Reviewer Rating: 9.5


Description: It all started when you returned home from a long adventure to discover that a huge dragon was terrorizing the countryside, eating the livestock and stealing anything valuable. The king's wizards and warriors had been soundly trounced by the dragon, who roamed at will with confidence because a prophecy said that he would die in his sleep, not in combat.

You hatched a plan to cast a huge golden statue, and let the dragon "steal" it, while you hid inside. That night, you would emerge from the statue and kill the dragon as he slept.

To make a long story short, the plan goes badly. The dragon gets the statue, but you don't kill him and barely escape with your life. The king, hardly amused at losing so much of his gold, convicts you of Treasonous Negligence of the Highest Degree, and sells you into slavery.

As the adventure opens, you have escaped from the Slavers. After running for three days, you arrive penniless at the gates of a small village in another kingdom. You quickly discover that they have a dragon problem as well. Dragons have fabulous treasure hoards; if you kill this one you will have the means to repay the king. Can this be the means to your redemption?


Comment: Nobody can do Eamon like Sam can, and he proves it again with this excellent offering. Presented by the Softdisk people with a 100K limit for the entire adventure, he still managed to stuff a complex storyline, varied map, plot development, numerous puzzles and special combat into this (for him) small space. Furthermore, Sam tailored this adventure for newcomers to Eamon, taking special effort to make it wonderfully forgiving and easy to play without compromising the depth of the puzzles or encounters.

This adventure hinges on the new TALK and ASK commands. Most of the play revolves around interacting with many of the characters, finding out what they know, learning how to approach people in power, earning money, gaining secret knowledge, obtaining your equipment and maps. It all is deeply interlocked in the ways that Sam does so well.

This Eamon adventure requires an 80-column display, and may not work on a II+ without modification. (Softdisk presently requires 64K and everything on issue #137 will work on a 64K machine. However, some time in the next few months they will begin requiring 128K.)

This is in my opinion the finest single-disk Eamon that Sam has ever done, and in many ways could be argued to be his best work of any size. I found it to be an immensely good play. Hack 'n'slashers may be disappointed, but anyone who enjoys complex Eamon scenarios will not want to miss this one! I give it a (7) for difficulty.

This Eamon adventure is commercial software. You can not obtain it from the public domain but must buy it from Softdisk. Non-subscriber price is $10.95 plus $4.95 shipping charge. Ask for Softdisk issue #137.

Credit card orders can call 1-800-831-2694

Mail orders should write: Softdisk Publishing P.O. Box 30008 Shreveport, LA 71130-0008

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