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  1. The Beginner's Cave by Donald Brown
  2. The Lair of the Minotaur by Donald Brown
  3. The Cave of the Mind by Jim Jacobson and Red Varnum
  4. The Zyphur Riverventure by Jim Jacobson
  5. Castle of Doom by Donald Brown
  6. The Death Star by Donald Brown
  7. The Devil's Tomb by Jim Jacobson
  8. The Abductor's Quarters by Jim Jacobson
  9. Assault on the Clone Master by Donald Brown
  10. The Magic Kingdom by David Cook
  11. The Tomb of Molinar By Donald Brown
  12. The Quest for Trezore by Jim Jacobson
  13. Caves of Treasure Island by Genz & Braun
  14. Furioso by William (Davy) Davis
  15. Heroes Castle by John Nelson
  16. The Caves of Mondamen by John Nelson
  17. Merlin's Castle - By R. Hersom
  18. Hogarth Castle - by Ken Nestle
  19. Death Trap by John Nelson
  20. The Black Death by John Nelson
  21. The Quest for Marron by John Nelson
  22. The Senator's Chambers by James Plamondon
  23. The Temple of Ngurct - by James & Robert Plamondon
  24. Black Mountain - by John Nelson
  25. Nuclear Nightmare by John Nelson
  26. Assault on the Mole Man by John Nelson
  27. Revenge of the Mole Man by John Nelson
  28. The Tower of London by Fred & Sandy Smith
  29. The Lost Island of Apple by Donald Brown
  30. The Underground City by Steve Adelson
  31. The Gauntlet by John Nelson
  32. House of Ill Repute by Anonymous
  33. The Orb of Polaris by John Nelson
  34. Death's Gateway - by Bob Linden
  35. The Lair of Mutants - by Evan Hodson
  36. The Citadel of Blood by Evan Hodson
  37. Quest for the Holy Grail - by Evan Hodson
  38. City in the Clouds - by Evan Hodson
  39. Museum of Unnatural History - by Rick Volberding
  40. Daemon's Playground by Rick Volberding
  41. Caverns of Lanst - by Rick Volberding
  42. Alternate Beginners Cave by Rick Volberding
  43. Priests of Xim! by Marty & Ed Bauman
  44. Escape from the Orc Lair by Jay Hinkelman
  45. SwordQuest by Roger Pender
  46. Lifequest by David Crawford
  47. FutureQuest by Roger Pender
  48. Picnic in Paradise - by John Nelson
  49. The Castle Kophinos by Don Doumakes
  50. Behind the Sealed Door By Tim Berge
  1. The Caves of Eamon Bluff by Tim Berge
  2. The Devil's Dungeon by Jeanette Merrill
  3. Feast of Carroll by Dan & Jon Lilienkamp
  4. Crystal Mountain by Ken Hoffman
  5. The Master's Dungeon by Jeff Allen
  6. The Lost Adventure - by Jeff Allen
  7. The Manxome Foe by Ray Olszewski
  8. The Land of Death - by Tim Berge
  9. Jungles of Vietnam by Jeff Allen
  10. The Sewers of Chicago - by Jeff Allen
  11. The Harpy Cloud by Allan Porter
  12. The Caverns of Doom by Matthew Mullin
  13. Valkenburg Castle by Jeff Weener
  14. Modern Problems - by Anderson/Barban/Thompson
  15. The School of Death - by Kurt Townsend
  16. The Dungeons of Xenon by Sam Bhayani
  17. Chaosium Caves - by Sam Bhayani
  18. The Smith's Stronghold by Allan Porter
  19. The Black Castle of Nagog - by Doug Burrows
  20. The Tomb of Y'Golonac - by Robert Romanchuk
  21. Operation Crab Key by Joe Vercellone
  22. House on Eamon Ridge by Tim Berge
  23. The Deep Canyon by Kenn Blincoe
  24. DharmaQuest by Roger Pender
  25. Temple of the Guild by Don Doumakes
  26. The Search for Yourself by Don Doumakes
  27. Temple of the Trolls by John Nelson
  28. The Prince's Tavern by Bob Davis
  29. The Castle of Count Fuey by Donald Brown
  30. The Search for the Key by Donald Brown
  31. The Rescue Mission by Donald Brown
  32. Escape from Mansi Island by Scott Starkey
  33. The Twin Castles by Jim Tankard
  34. Castle of Riveneta by R. Karsten
  35. The Time Portal by Ed Kuypers
  36. Castle Mantru - by Steve Constanzo
  37. The Caves of Hollow Mountain - by John Nelson
  38. The Shopping Mall by Allan Porter
  39. Superfortress of Lin Wang by Sam Bhayani
  40. The Doomsday Clock - by Jim Tankard
  41. FutureQuest II by Roger Pender
  42. The Fugitive - by Don Doumakes
  43. Flying Circus by Rick Krebs
  44. Blood Feud by Rick Krebs
  45. Maze of Quasequeton by Brian Kondalski
  46. The Chamber of the Dragons - Brian Kondalski
  47. The House of Secrets - by George Gunn
  48. Slave Pits of Kzorland - by R. Hersam
  49. In the Clutches of Torrik - by John Nelson
  50. Sorcerer's Spire - by John Nelson
  1. Ground Zero by "Sam"
  2. The Eamon Railroad by "Sam"
  3. Top Secret - by "Sam"
  4. The Lost World by "Sam"
  5. The Strange Resort by "Sam"
  6. Camp Eamon by Bob Slemon
  7. The Last Dragon by Roger Pender
  8. The Mines of Moria by Sam Ruby
  9. The Forest of Fear by Sam Ruby 
  10. Fire Island by Greg Gioia
  11. A Vacation in Europe by David C. Smith
  12. Hills of History - by Dave Smith
  13. The Life-Orb of Mevtrelek by Rick Volberding
  14. Thror's Ring by Tom Zuchowski
  15. The Ring of Doom by Sam Ruby
  16. The Iron Prison - by Sam Ruby
  17. Dungeon of Doom by Dan Knezek
  18. Pittfall - by Scott Starkey
  19. Grunewalde - by Pat Hurst
  20. Orb of My Life by John Nelson
  21. Wrenhold's Secret Vigil by Bob Davis
  22. The Valley of Death by Sam Ruby
  23. The Wizard of the Spheres by Marc Elkin
  24. Assault on Dolni Keep by Tom Zuchowski
  25. The Mattimoe Palace by Jeff Actor
  26. The Pyramid of Anharos - by Pat Hurst
  27. The Hunt for the Ring by Sam Ruby
  28. Quest of Erebor by Sam Ruby
  29. Return to Moria by Sam Ruby
  30. Haradwaith  by Sam Ruby
  31. Nucleus of the Ruby by Keith Somers
  32. Rhadshur Warrior - by Roger Pender
  33. The Final Frontier - by Roger Slemon
  34. Pyramid of the Ancients by Joe & Robert Pirone
  35. The Tomb of Evron by Mike Greifenkamp
  36. The Mountain Fortress by Mike Greifenkamp
  37. Ruins of Ivory Castle - by Mike Greifenkamp
  38. Starfire by Ed Phillips
  39. Peg's Place - by Margaret & Ann Anderson?
  40. Beginner's Forest by Margaret Anderson
  41. The Infested Fortress by Mike & Paul Hamaoka
  42. The Beermeister's Brewery - by Jeff Actor
  43. The Alternate Zone - by Jeffrey Actor
  44. Gartin Manor by Greg Gioia
  45. Buccaneer! by Pat Hurst
  46. The House of Horrors - by Dan Cross
  47. The Dark Brotherhood - written by Pat Hurst
  48. Journey to Jotunheim - by Tom Zuchowski
  49. Elemental Apocalypse - by Sam Ruby
  50. Walled City of Darkness - by Tom Zuchowski
  1. Eamon S.A.R.-1 (Deneb Raid) - by David Crawford
  2. The Computer Club of Fear by Nathan Segerlind
  3. Lost! by Nathan Segerlind
  4. A Trip to Fort Scott by William H. Trent
  5. Tomb of the Vampire by William H. Trent
  6. The Lake by Nathan Segerlin
  7. The Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R. by Nathan Segerlind
  8. The Lair of Mr. Ed - by Nathan Segerlind
  9. The Bridge of Catzad-Dum - by Nathan Segerlind
  10. Monty Python & the Holy Grail by Nathan Segerlind
  11. Operation Endgame - by Sam Ruby
  12. Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure by Tom Zuchowski
  13. The Sands of Mars - by Ted Swartz
  14. A Real Cliffhanger - by Ted Swartz
  15. Animal Farm - by Sam Ruby
  16. Storm Breaker - by Sam Ruby
  17. Expedition to the Darkwoods by Greg Gioia
  18. The High School of Horrors by Michael Haney and Aaron Hunt
  19. The Black Phoenix - by Roger Pender
  20. Ragnarok Revisited - by Nathan Segerlind
  21. The Pyramid of Cheops by Robert Parker
  22. The Mountain of the Master - by Michael Dalton
  23. The House that Jack Built by Robert Parker
  24. Escape from Granite Hall by Robert Parker
  25. Anatomy of the Body - by Robert Parker
  26. Dirtie Trix's Mad Maze by Robert Parker
  27. Shippe of Fooles by Robert Parker
  28. The Alien Intruder by Robert Parker
  29. The Wizard's Tower by Robert Parker
  30. Gamma 1 by Robert Parker
  31. The Eamon Sewer System by Rob Parker
  32. Farmer Brown's Woods by Robert Parker
  33. The Boy and the Bard - by Sam Ruby
  34. Quest for Orion - by Pat Gise
  35. The Body Revisited - by Robert Parker
  36. Beginner's Cave II - by John Nelson
  37. Batman!! by Andrew Geha
  38. Encounter: The Bookworm by Robert Parker
  39. The Ruins of Belfast by David Sparks
  40. Shift Change at Grimmwax-by David & Andrea Sparks
  41. Enhanced Beginners Cave - by Don Brown; enhanced by John Nelson
  42. Mean Streets by Thomas Tetirick
  43. The Creature of Rhyl by Robert Parker
  44. Attack of the Kretons - by Nathan Segerlind
  45. The Training Ground - by Charles Hewgley
  46. The Cat House by Anonymous
  47. Star Wars-Tempest One by Sean Averill
  48. Revenge of the Bookworm - by Robert Parker
  49. Quest of the Crystal Wand - by Robert Davis
  50. The Lost Isle by Robert Davis
  1. The Caves of Vanavara by Charles Hewgley
  2. The Plains of Srevi - by Karl Ivers
  3. Lotto's Masterpiece - by Henry Haskell
  4. Sanctuary - by Sam Ruby
  5. Utterly Outrageous - by Pat Gise
  6. Curse of the Hellsblade by John Nelson and Tom Zuchowski
  7. Eamon Renegade Club by Phil Shulz
  8. Assault on Helstar - by Phil Schulz
  9. Apocalypse 2021 - by Hoyle Purvis
  10. Return of Ngurct - by Hoyle Purvis
  11. Lair of the Marauders - by Hoyle Purvis
  12. Haunted Keep by Hoyle Purvis
  13. Demongate - by Hoyle Purvis
  14. Deathstalker's Castle - by Phil Schulz
  15. Treasure Island - by Margaret Anderson
  16. The Pirate's Cave - by Margaret Anderson
  17. Eye of Agamon by Hoyle Purvis
  18. Return to Pendrama - by Hoyle Purvis
  19. The City of Sorcerers - by Roger Osgood
  20. Catacombs of Terror - by Phil Schulz
  21. Count Dracula's Castle - by Robert Parker
  22. The Halls of the Adept - by Tim Berge and Johnathan Thomas Cottingham
  23. Time-Shift by Corey Sena
  24. Prisoner of Darkness by Phil Schulz
  25. Adventure in Interzone by Frank Kunze
  26. Bookworm 3-D - by Robert Parker
  27. B I Z A R R O - by Allan Porter
  28. Shipwreck Island - by Ron Ledbetter
  29. Firestorm by Phil Schulz
  30. Well of the Great Ones by Mike Ellis
  31. Keep of Skull Gorge by Don Kellogg
  32. Jewel of Yara by Hoyle Purvis
  33. The Domain of Zenoqq by Robert Claney
  34. The Forbidden City by Robert Parker
  35. Vaalpa's Plight by Henry Haskell
  36. Search for Mack by Clayton Roth
  37. Fiends of Eamon by Frank Kunze
  38. Sagamore by Joey Czarnik
  39. Idol of the Incas by Clyde Easterday
  40. The Heart of Gold by Frank Kunze
  41. The Shrunken Adventurer by Adam Myrow
  42. The Dungeon of Traps by Boris Guenter (aka "MARVIN")
  43. The Dragon of Aldaar by Glenn Gribble
  44. The Caverns of the Sphinx by Geoffrey Genz
  45. Dracula's Chateau by Paul Braun
  46. The Sword of Inari by Matthew Clark
  47. Amateur Alley by John Nelson
  48. Quest for the Fire Dragon by John Nelson & Frank Kunze
  49. The Hindenburg Ogre by David Owens
  50. The Tomb of Razaak by David Owens
  51. The Pixy Oak by Bruce Haylock
  52. Cliffs of Fire by Wade Clarke
  53. The Prism of Shadows by Wade Clarke and James Anderson
  54. Dawn of the Warlock by Wade Clarke

    MAIN PGM Version: 7
    Extra Commands: Ring, Eat
    Deleted Commands: None
    Special Features: Theme music (removed in Eamon DX conversion), lower case option
    Playing Time: 1- 1.5 hours.
    Reviewer Rating: 8

    Description: “One night in your sleep you are granted (plagued with?) a vision:

    “In your vision a vague hooded figure, wreathed in ethereal vapours, beckons to you from the western kingdom of Agimen. Its voice is familiar, yet chilling and distant at once. It whispers:

    “'Our city has fallen under the influence of an undead warlock- this evil being was returned from the beyond when its remains were unearthed, the seal of its tomb broken during recent excavations...

    “With these last words the figure is lost in the clouds of your dream, leaving you with a dread urgency for action...

    “The following day sees your hurried departure for Agimen, your belongings hastily thrown together with the sun's cold rise... On the approach you see that a visibly grimy red sky hangs over the city like a pall. Your footsteps are the only sounds as you near the overwhelming and dark structures that form the rotting skeleton of the once great city...”

    Review: This adventure is no less ambitious than Wade Clarke's earlier The Prism of Shadows; an underlying mythology seems to present itself at every turn. The story and mood are consistently spooky and dire, and dozens of special effects and secrets await. A number of potential companions can be found, each of which is granted special dialogue at important moments in the adventure, providing either important advice concerning future traps or dialogue enhancing the overall mood.

    A wide variety of locations, each quite detailed, keep the adventure exciting, and a few hidden rooms force the player to remain alert for anomalies in the room descriptions. The puzzles and magic items that further open the map to new areas are typically intuitive; on those occasions in which the solutions are not so intuitive, the player can (in theory) rely on his or her companions to offer the necessary insight.

    The only thing that makes this a less satisfactory adventure than The Prism of Shadows is the overwhelming difficulty of the enemies (the attributes of which I was forced to downgrade upon converting the adventure). Part of the charm of the adventure follows from holding onto the companions, whose words add to the setting, but even with a souped-up character, there are a number of occasions upon which the player may have to watch his or her charges die at the hands of the undead enemies. A number of turns thus become de facto “death traps,” in turn depriving the player of information needed to avoid the de jure traps. There should be no shame in “POKE”-ing one's companions back from the dead.

    The story is tight and intriguing, dispensed to the player through readable books and companions' comments, and the number and variety of areas ensures that the exploring never becomes dull. For one looking at the MAIN PGM, one will also recognize that the programming is extremely well-done. If one is willing to cheat a bit here and there, defeating the titular warlock ensures a satisfying and dramatic conclusion to the adventure.

This page last updated on 06/07/2005.

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